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Recovery starts within the first 24 hours

Rehab in the hospital and at home

Did you know that the cesarean section is the most performed major surgery in the world, yet women are typically not offered rehabilitation during their hospital stay to help them recover sooner like other surgeries including a hip and knee replacement?

Our Solution: We help women enhance their mental and physical function earlier after birth and surgery with rehabilitation starting in the hospital and home.

Our Rehab Services


Partnering with you first

We love collaborating with hospitals that provide rehab to women to expedite function and recovery after major surgeries like c-section and hysterectomy.

However, if your hospital doesn't offer rehab to enhance your recovery after childbirth or surgery, then we will jump at the opportunity to partner with you on your goals to recover earlier.

We go beyond the standard of care

Your recovery and function are our priority

Rehab is not typically offered to women in the hospital after childbirth, pelvic surgery, and breast surgery to prioritize function early. 

This is a big difference in the care that is offered to people after back surgery, knee replacement, hip, and shoulder surgery who improve their function earlier with rehab during their hospital recovery.

We partner with you to enhance recovery and function before and after procedures that impact your health, including cesarean section, hysterectomy, and mastectomy.

women's health is our priority

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