Physical Therapy For an active life

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Southeast Colorado Home Visits 

Enhanced Recovery

after Birth and Abdominal Surgery


Individual-Focused, Same Provider, No Waiting Rooms

Services Delivered in the Hospital, Home, or Virtually

Free Phone or Telehealth Consultations

75-Minute Initial Evaluation

60-Minute Follow-Up Visits

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Before and After Birth

Maximize strength, performance, and dramatically reduce pain and swelling during pregnancy and as early as 24 - 48 hours after vaginal birth or cesarean section. Visits provided at home and in the hospital.

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Pre / Post Surgery

Jumpstart a faster recovery with less pain and avoid unwanted side effects before and after hysterectomy, prostatectomy, bowel and bladder surgery, uterine fibroid removal, and endometriosis surgery. Visits provided at home and in the hospital.​

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Wellness Plan

Optimize your endurance, sleep, nutrition, and mental drive with a comprehensive assessment of ALL aspects of your performance. Visits provided at a location of your choice - at home or outside on your favorite trail.

The Difference

Time for yourself and those who depend on you can’t wait. 

Neither can your recovery.

After common surgeries like hip and knee replacements, rehab is standard of care in the hospital, at home, and through outpatient services to improve one’s strength, endurance, and function.

Yet, after the most common surgery in the United States, individuals after cesarean section typically wait weeks to months, or until issues arise, before they are offered therapy.

How is this normal?

To put it simply, it’s not.

What drives our philosophy is that prolonged suffering after birth and abdominal surgery is NOT normal. When rehab is started early, healing occurs more quickly, and unwanted issues, persistent pain, and limitations with activity are avoided.

We believe that you are in charge of when your recovery starts after birth or surgery, in the hospital or in the comfort of your home.

We look forward to joining you wherever you are on your journey and maximizing your return to an uninterrupted and fulfilling life.