Embrace time.

Direct Care Physical Therapy and Doula Services

What is Direct Care?

Unrestricted access to your health provider without the limitations of insurance.

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Inquire about in-home services that value your time while you maximize your function and recovery. Discuss a plan to optimize your physical and mental well-being, pelvic health, and recovery after birth, surgery, or medical treatment at any point along your journey. 

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The Difference

Time is a gift that you are worthy of.

We believe in the value of time. When function and rest are prioritized after birth, surgery, and medical treatment, the time it takes to recover is much less.

Early intervention and adequate rest allows healing to occur more quickly. Abnormal swelling, persistent pain, and limitations with activity are preventable.

You are in charge of when your recovery starts. Your time is valuable. Embrace it.

Our Mission

Helping people maximize their time, autonomy, and function.​