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Maximizing function after birth and surgery

Your Recovery is Our Priority

Receive Expert Guidance on Maximizing Recovery and Function After

Affordable Pricing on a Sliding Scale

$150 - $250 per visit

Pay what you can afford and help us support those who want to maximize their function and recover early after birth and surgery​

The Experience

How Can Pelvic Health Consulting Benefit Me?

You will have the specific information you need to maximize your function and recovery after birth and pelvic surgery.

Avoid the long-term costs of delayed care by implementing a detailed plan before your delivery or procedure.

What You Can Expect

Less Discomfort

Less pain and a faster recovery after birth, cesarean section, hysterectomy, prostatectomy, weight loss surgery, compared with those who wait 6 weeks or more before they are referred to a therapist or pelvic health specialist.

Faster Recovery

You will return to activity sooner with less risk to your surgical incision or perineal area. We teach you how to monitor and protect your body as it heals to regain as much of your strength and return you to doing what you want with your time.

Ethical Based Practice

Before Hospital Birth or Surgery…

Imagine if occupational and physical therapy were equitably provided in hospitals and at home after birth, hysterectomy, and prostatectomy, similar to other procedures like joint replacements, back surgery, or tendon repair.

We are dedicated to expanding access to ethical-based practice in the hospital and home for every individual after birth and pelvic surgery to improve their function and recovery.

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Our Mission

We challenge the status quo to prioritize function after birth, surgery, and throughout the lifespan.

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