Meet Rebeca Segraves, Pt, DPT

Founder | Owner

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Doctor of Physical Therapy: Western Carolina University, NC (2015)

Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency: Duke University Health System, NC (2016)

Certified Lymphedema Therapist: Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy (2016)

Women’s Health Clinical Specialist: American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (2017)

Dr. Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT | Owner | Physical Therapist

being active isn't a choice. it's who you are.

Having had multiple surgeries and dealing with years of discomfort from poorly healed scar tissue, I have made it my personal mission to change the narrative on my own physical performance and help others recover faster and avoid unnecessary pain and dysfunction in their own bodies. I know firsthand how delaying rehab and optimal nutrition can lead to a prolonged recovery and missed opportunity to maximize healing. For active people like myself, delayed intervention doesn’t just affect our physical function. It affects who we are.

After years of treating individuals with cancer, pelvic floor dysfunction, and persistent discomfort during and after pregnancy, I sincerely believe early intervention is the key to preventing the majority of problems that are now so common like persistent swelling, pain, bladder leakage, constipation, prolapse, and abdominal muscle weakness. Individuals after birth and abdominal surgery have undergone major changes in their bodies, yet are typically not provided with rehab services during the crucial recovery period of their hospital stay or when they return home. If they are told about rehab at all, it isn’t until 6 – 8 weeks after their procedure, and often much later than that.

There are no reasons to wait this long to avoid problems related to incomplete healing and weakened muscles. With a strategy implemented early on, you can maximize your recovery while you are sidelined from your normal routine.

What I love most about early rehab after birth and surgery is how confident individuals are with their recovery after ONE visit and how quickly they improve. Whether you are in the hospital, healing at home, or still experiencing significant changes in your body, months to years later, I meet you at any point along your journey. We dive deep on your physical performance, sleep health, nutrition, and mindset. You will be guided on how to optimize your function and live a life that truly fulfills your purpose.

I look forward to partnering with you during this exciting time in your life!