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Women’s Health Consultant

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Doctor of Physical Therapy | Western Carolina University, NC (2015)

Certified Lymphedema Therapist | Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy (2015)

Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency | Duke University Health System, NC (2016)

Women’s Health Clinical Specialist | American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (2017)

Founder | Enhanced Recovery After Delivery: Perinatal Health Specialist (2023)

Dr. Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT
Founder. Physical Therapist.

Being Active isn't a choice.

It's who you are.

Early in my career, I recognized that hospitals do not typically provide access to rehabilitation services after female-specific surgeries such as mastectomy, hysterectomy, and birth experiences to enhance recovery and function.

As a licensed physical therapist, I created opportunities to improve mental and physical function early in the hospital and home after major procedures that impacted women’s health, including the most common major surgery performed in the world: the cesarean section, an open abdominal surgery.

Individuals after cesarean section have either experienced a perinatal loss or have the added challenge of caring for their newborn. In our current healthcare model, women after this major surgery typically figure out months of mental and physical recovery on their own, without the same early access to rehabilitation that is offered in the hospital after a knee replacement.

After benefiting from physical therapy interventions following my own 3 major knee surgeries, I am honored to collaborate with larger organizations to expand early access to rehabilitation services for women after birth and female-specific surgeries including hysterectomy and mastectomy.  

I am dedicated to enhancing women’s health and function throughout the lifespan and empower others to share resources that maximize mental and physical recovery in their communities.

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