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Women’s Health Consultant

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Doctor of Physical Therapy | Western Carolina University, NC (2015)

Certified Lymphedema Therapist | Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy (2015)

Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency | Duke University Health System, NC (2016)

Women’s Health Clinical Specialist | American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (2017)

Founder | Enhanced Recovery After Delivery: Perinatal Health Specialist (2023)

Dr. Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT
Founder. Physical Therapist.

Being Active isn't a choice.

It's who you are.

After 3 major surgeries on my knee and years of physical therapy that is now part of my life routine, I was shocked to learn that women after c-section, a major open abdominal surgery, were routinely sent home with a diaper and not a rehab plan. 

Early in my career, I recognized that the traditional standard of recovery for female-specific surgeries and childbirth did not offer access to rehab services to enhance function sooner.

To remedy this, I started Enhanced Recovery and Wellness to prioritize mental and physical function early in the hospital and home after major procedures that impacted women’s health. 

We passionately train occupational and physical therapists to go beyond the standard of care in their hospitals and practices so that women’s health was a priority, and not an afterthought. 

I am dedicated to helping you enhance your recovery and function sooner after surgery and birth. You’re worth it.

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