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Prioritizing function throughout the lifespan

Women's health education 101: part 1 of 3

Did you know that the cesarean section is the most performed surgery in the United States, yet women are typically not offered rehabilitation in the hospital to help them recover their function sooner like other surgical patients?

Through Enhanced Recovery and Wellness, we help women improve their mental and physical function earlier after surgeries that impact their health like mastectomy, hysterectomy, cesarean section, and unexpected birth events.  

We have trained health providers in over 80 U.S. hospitals to enhance women’s health and recovery earlier after birth and surgery with occupational and physical therapy in the hospital and home. Our mission is to make women’s health education accessible to everyone and we are honored to prioritize your success and function sooner.

Professional consulting services

Early intervention enhances recovery: part 2 of 3

We work with you on a recovery plan that is unique to you, before you go to the hospital and prior to returning home after any procedure that impacts your function.

We partner with you to avoid the pitfalls of long-term costs and unnecessary delays in your recovery to expedite the information you need to succeed.

Professional Consultation

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  • Patients: 1:1 Professional Health Consultation
  • Clinicians: Clinical and program development
  • Educators: University and hospital training

Why we prioritize women's health:
part 3 of 3

There is a BIG gap in women’s health education

Occupational and Physical Therapy are not typically offered in hospitals after birth, pelvic surgery, and breast surgery to prioritize function early. 

This is a huge difference in care that is offered to patients after back surgery, knee replacement, hip, and shoulder surgery which are accompanied by rehabilitation early during hospital recovery.

We partner with you to enhance recovery earlier through education on how to optimize function before and after procedures that impact women’s health including cesarean section, hysterectomy, and mastectomy. 

We empower our clients to advocate for successful recovery options as a standard of care after major procedures to enhance recovery and wellness.

women's health is our priority

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To make women's health education accessible to everyone.

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