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The Experience

How Can Pelvic Health Consulting Benefit Me?

Every birth and surgery are different because you are unique. We work directly with you to maximize function and recovery after birth and common surgeries in which therapy services are typically delayed because of an infinite number of excuses that don't matter to you.

We believe that every individual has a right to ethical-based practice which is why we partner with you as soon as possible to determine your best recovery plan, before and immediately after procedures or diagnoses to avoid the long-term costs of delayed care, which tend to affect pelvic health, despite the initial source.

What You Can Expect

Less time in Pain

Less pain and a faster recovery after birth, c-section, hysterectomy, mastectomy, breast surgery, prostatectomy, weight loss surgery, compared with those who have to wait 6 weeks or more for traditional services.

Less swelling

Persistent swelling in your arms, legs, or having a pooch around your pelvis after birth and surgery is not normal. This has become common because our health systems neglect to offer therapy earlier which can teach you techniques to prevent this.

Faster Recovery

You will return to activity sooner with less risk to your chest, abdominal, or perineal wound. We teach you how to monitor and protect your incision as it is healing for the best possible results to get you back to doing what you want with your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Pelvic Healthcare

We would hope so. We don’t wait for them to do what is right. We work directly with you in the hospital, your home, in-person, or virtually because timing is everything.

You would think they would. We know that many hospitals do not provide therapy services as standard of care after birth, c-section, hysterectomy, yet they do for other elective procedures. You deserve the same time and attention as anyone else. We do what is right and work directly with you because timing is crucial.

We would hope so. You don’t deserve to have to cart yourself to here, there, and everywhere after giving birth or having surgery. It’s not right.

Pelvic Health Consulting

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Yes! You are treated like royalty when and where you need it the most. We take care of our people.

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Are You a Clinician Who is Ready to Make a Bigger Impact?

What You Get

What They Get

Our Clients

Individuals. Providers. Hospitals. Schools.


Expedite recovery and function after birth and surgery


1:1 consulting to improve your recovery after birth, pelvic surgery (e.g. hysterectomy), mastectomy, and more


Transform outcomes in the hospital and at home


Grow from clinician to consultant and expand your influence, income, and time for yourself and your family


Teach ethical-based practice in hospitals and schools


Increase the availability and capacity of pelvic health providers and therapists to address a large need

Our Philosophy

Ethical Based Practice

Before Hospital Birth or Surgery…

Imagine if occupational and physical therapy were a standard component of care in hospitals and at home after birth, hysterectomy, and mastectomy, similar to other procedures like joint replacements, shoulder surgery, or tendon repair.

We believe that function and recovery are improved through equitable care and attention after common procedures where rehabilitation services are not typically offered in a timely manner.

We recognize that abnormal pain, swelling, lymphedema, and persistent dysfunction are abnormal. We do not wait until you develop chronic problems and offer our services when and wherever you need them.

We are dedicated to expanding access to ethical-based practice in the hospital and home for every individual after birth and pelvic surgery to improve their function and recovery.

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Our Mission

Expanding access to rehabilitation services in the hospital and home after birth, pelvic surgery, and mastectomy.

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