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Imagine performing activities and enjoying relationships with less discomfort and in less time after birth or surgery. Discuss your goals and gain real insight on what you can specifically do right now to accomplish them. Contact Rebeca directly at 719-203-2795 to schedule a call.

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Before and After Birth

Visits take place while you are still in the hospital or recovering at home in as early as 24 – 48 hours after delivery. Treatment is tailored to address your discomfort and protect healing tissue as you tolerate more activity. You will learn how to optimize your pelvic health, strengthen your body, reduce swelling faster, regulate your heart rate and blood pressure, and improve your sleep. 

Pre / Post Surgery

One-on-one, undivided attention is provided in the hospital or at home with the goal of enhancing your function immediately after abdominal and pelvic surgery. You will receive specific treatments and exercises that avoid painful scar tissue and return you to the activities and relationships that you enjoy sooner.

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Pelvic Health

Improve your pelvic health with a whole body approach. If your relationships, sleep, recreation, and work are impacted by pain, issues with intimacy, or bowel and bladder dysfunction, schedule a time with a pelvic health specialist to discuss your concerns. You will gain confidence and control of your body that will transform your life. Treatment provided to women and men with pelvic health concerns.

Lymphedema Therapy

Certified Lymphedema Therapy performed early on in your recovery will reduce the risk of persistent swelling, pain, and upper/lower GI dysfunction. Common problems like the “abdominal pooch”, persistent pain from poorly healed scar tissue, and slow functioning bowel issues can be avoided after birth or abdominal/pelvic surgery. Treatment includes hands-on manual therapy, compression, and specific exercises to reduce inflammation, speed your recovery, and improve tone and circulation around the pelvis, back, abdomen, arms, and legs.

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Wellness Plan

Following your evaluation, enhanced performance visits are tailored to every level of function and overall well-being with the goal of optimizing your strength, endurance, abdominal tone, pelvic health, and mental clarity. Following a physical performance assessment and plan, you will see results in as little as 1 – 3 visits, have less discomfort, and perform at a higher level than before. Treatments will enhance your strength, agility, flexibility, aerobic capacity, focus, nutrition, and sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

To speed recovery and reduce avoidable impairments, therapy visits start within 24-48 hours of birth or surgery. For optimal results, schedule in advance of planned procedures including cesarean section, hysterectomy, uterine fibroid removal, endometriosis surgery, prostatectomy, and bowel or bladder surgery.

Your initial evaluation is 75 minutes and your follow-up visits are a full hour. To provide the highest quality care, all visits are uninterrupted, one-on-one time with your provider and do not include the time it takes to travel to or from your location.

As a mobile practice, we travel to a location of your choice in order to save you time, money, and provide you with the highest quality of care. In the hospital, individuals are typically not given the option of physical therapy while they are recovering after birth and common surgeries such as hysterectomy. When therapy is started early after these procedures, pain is significantly reduced and you are able to recover your mobility and function faster. In the first few weeks of healing, people typically wish to avoid travel to a clinic for treatment and benefit from therapy provided in the comfort of their home.

To maximize your performance and ensure continuity of care, you will be seen by the same provider from your initial evaluation to your follow up visits. 

In order to provide you with longer visits, higher quality, and specialized care beyond traditional rehab at a location of your choice, we are not in-network with insurance providers. You may pay for services with cash, check, credit/debit card, or HSA/FSA. You will receive a Superbill detailing the services provided to submit directly to your insurance carrier or your HSA/FSA provider for reimbursement of your therapy visit. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, please call 719-203-2795 to inquire about specific guidelines regarding out of network therapy services.

Services provided in Southeast Colorado cover Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Cañon City, Walsenburg, and Cripple Creek. If you would like to receive services in an area not listed, please call 719-203-2795 to inquire further.